As usual, before doing any of the steps you must scatter the jacks on the ground in front of yourself.

  • Toss the ball (upward) with the left hand.
  • Grab the jack(s) with the right hand, while allowing the ball to bounce once.
  • Catch the ball with the left hand; captured jacks remain in the right. Do NOT transfer the jacks to the other hand.

…Repeat the steps until all jacks are captured.

Start off with Onesies and continue on with Twosies, Threesies, Foursies, etc.; all the way up to Tensies.

This round can be easy but tricky. You use one hand (the left) to toss and catch the ball, while using the other hand (the right) to grab and hold the jacks. However, this round must be maintained in perfect sequence. Remember: you must grab the jack(s) aftertossing the ball and before catching the ball. Executing two operations at the same time qualifies as a foul.